Best for Cardiovascular & Cerebrovascular Health

The essence of the longest living animal “Crocodile” and the plant “Pine” are being used as the main ingredient for Santong.

The crocodile has an average life span of over 150 years old and inherently superior immune system. The crocodile essence contains a small molecule of active oligos which can inhibit cancer cells tens of thousands times better than other animals. It also makes crocodile the only one on the planet that will not suffer from cancer. The crocodile embryo has life-active substances. These activity factors not only have anti-aging ability, but also can promote phagocyte function, thereby enhancing immunity and forming a strong defense system.

Protein peptides, DNA and SOD are extracted from Thailand’s Crocodylus. These extracts have a powerful function of promoting immune function, relax blood vessels, reduce blood vessel resistance, and increase blood flow in the heart.

Western medicine is not used at all to reduce the blood concentration problem (blood viscosity), but the natural active ingredients such as matsutake, wild tea, polysaccharide in phospholipid (PSK), phospholipid peptide, tea pigment, etc. are used to reduce blood viscosity. The removal of micro-thrombi in the blood to purify the blood is the most basic link in the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Advantages of San Tong

Prevention of disease, Prevention and Control, Medical and food homology. To enhance the vitality of the human body, help nourish the heart and to get rid of contaminants from the source. To resolve the micro-embolism, smooth the blood flow, dredge the urination and defecation. San Tong create an innovative way of cardiovascular health.

A collaborative study by the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the Prince of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong showed that: "Crocodile egg’s extract can greatly enhance function of immunity"

A comprehensive analysis of the clinical studies by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Guangzhou Branch) proved that: “Crocodile egg’s extract can reduce leukemia damage by 77%”*.
* Reference from 2006 “Oncology Reports” medical journal in Europe: “The experimental study of the effects of crocodile’s extracts on immune aging” by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Guangzhou Branch).

• Scientifically researched special formulation

• Raw material extracted from its original source from nature

• National High-energy electron accelerator technological process

• Small molecular structure for easy absorption by human body

Benefits of San Tong

Boost the strength of the immune system

Regulate the cardiovascular system

Strengthen liver detoxification

Balance bodily functions

Prevent gene mutations

Regulate nervous system

Maintain beauty and wellness


Anti-stress and anti-aging


San Tong was awarded the Gold Medal of Innovation at the 46th (2015 Milan) World Expo. This award was presented by the European Pavilion, Italian Pavilion and Venetian Pavilion. It was the highest honor and affirmation to a Chinese product by an international organization.

San Tong Developed by Prof. Guan

Professor Guan Linghua specializes in Chinese and Western medical and scientific research for decades, and is engaged in research and clinical practice in many domestic units and medical research institutions in Hong Kong and Thailand. The research focuses on the new biotechnology project of Chinese medicine for prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, cervical-lumbar diseases, tumors, health and longevity.

Prof. Guan Linghua proposed that the longest-lived animals and plants on the planet will play a better role in the longevity of human health. The research and practice in the past ten years prove that this view is not only correct, but also a new and effective development direction.

President of the China Food and Drug Research and Development Association

Deputy Director of the Office of the Chinese Doctors Association (Beijing)

Professor of Chinese Medicine Research Institute (Hong Kong) of the Hong Kong Chinese Medical Doctor Association

Senior Consultant, Early Diagnosis Committee (Beijing) of the China Cancer Research Foundation








San Tong Of Efficacy

Collagen Peptide
  • Protect blood vessels
    • Promotes lipolysis and glycogen synthesis
    • Reduce total triglycerides and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol in the blood
    • Dilate blood vessels and reduce vascular resistance

  • Balance postprandial blood glucose
    • Enhances the absorption of glucose and amino acids and increases the body's sensitivity to insulin
    • Improve the efficiency of human insulin

  • Promote the synthesis of cartilage
    • Stimulates chondrocytes to synthesize type II collagen (Type II Collagen)
    • For the problem of articular cartilage aging
    • Suppresses the decomposition of bones and prevents the loss of calcium in bones

Tricholoma Matsutake Polysaccharide
  • Anti-gene mutation
    • Automatic identification of toxins secreted by tumor cells
    • Targeting close to and bind to tumor cells
    • Block and stop protein synthesis in tumor cells
    • Make tumor cells unable to divide, multiply and die

  • Skin immune system defense
    • Anti-allergic effect: Enhance the skin's immune defense system (ie skin protection function) and cell regeneration stimulation, thus preventing allergies.
    • Activates/Repairs Skin: Inspires the synthesis of collagen to make the skin fuller and firmer.
    • Free radical ion trapping agent: It has excellent anti-inflammatory activity and helps the skin fight off mechanical and chemical irritations and injuries that we face every day.

Superoxide Dismutase
  • Mother of Antioxidant Enzymes
    1. Eliminate harmful substances from metabolism
    2. Fight and block damage caused by free radicals
    3. Timely repair damaged cells

  • Other Ingredients
    Wild Tea, Chitin, Phospholipids, Grape Seed, Ginseng Fruit, Black bean anthocyanin,Sesame phenol, Citric acid and Stevia

How to take San Tong

Recommended Dosage:

Take 1-3 times a day, 1 packet each time, stir evenly with half a cup of warm boiled water (about 80ml). It can be taken continuously for 1-3 months or for longer periods.

Note: If you need to improve other health problems, such as sub-health status or ill-health, etc., you can consult your dietitian and increase the dosage according to their recommendations.

Warm Reminders

• This product is for therapeutic use, a nutritional supplement, not a drug.

• Use this product only after more than 2 hours with other medicines.

• Every 1-3 months of use of this product, it is recommended to re-examine the body and pay attention to personal physical conditions such as mental, bowel movements, pulse, blood pressure, etc. It is recommended to consult your dietitian if necessary.

• It is normal for the stool to become thinner or increase in frequency after using this product. If necessary, reduce or pause for 1 to 2 days.

Suitable Persons: Those in need of rehabilitation and preventing recurrence after receiving stent operations.

Unsuitable Persons: Not suitable for pregnant women, lactating, during fever or allergic to the product.

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